Hi, I'm Maryam. I'm a Mauritian-American-British twenty-something living in London. I was born in Mauritius, a tropical island in the Indian Ocean. It's a gorgeous tiny island nation that deserves to be better-known and celebrated, with a cuisine that I call the "OG Fusion" because it combines African, Mediterranean, and Asian cooking into its own authentic cuisine.  With my mom, Parvine (aka Mrs.T or Mama T), we are saving what I believe are deeply meaningful and important parts of my own culture and family history. I am lucky to have help from relatives in Mauritius and friends from around the world who also provide me with recipes and stories from the homeland. 


My father, Shawkat (aka Dr.T, Professor Toorawa) and my sister Asiya are the amazing artistic and editorial support for this project.


Me on the Left, My sister Asiya on the Right

Shawkat and Parvine

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